导语: 又是一年的母亲节了,祝天下所有的妈妈们节日快乐,也祝天下所有的妈妈都能每天开心呀。

1.On this day we honor you,dear mother.亲爱的妈妈,我们向您致敬。

2.Where would we be without you,mom?妈妈,没有您我们将流落何方呢?

3.On this day we all sit back and think about how much our mothers do for us.在这一天,我们将会抽空休息一下,想想妈妈们帮我们做了多少事。

4.也许,在我们这一生中,有许多人、许多事,经历了转身便会忘记,但在我们的心灵深处。Perhaps,in our life,there are a lot of people,a lot of things,experienced turned to willforget,but in our hearts.


6.To the world's number one mom!给世界上最好的妈妈!

7.You are the best mom that a son ever had.您是儿子心中最好的妈妈。

8.Here's a little token of my appreciation for all that you have done for me over theyears.这是我一点小小的心意,感谢您这么多年来所付出的一切。

9.Sometimes it may not seem like it,but I really do love you.有时候好像不是这样,但是我真的爱您。

10.There may be moms all over the world,but you're the only one that matters to me.全世界也许到处都有妈妈,但您是我惟一最在意的。

11.I want to wish you a happy Mother's Day.祝福您母亲节快乐。

12.Thank you for everything over the years,,mom.母亲节快乐l妈妈,谢谢您这些年来所做的一切。

13.Moms should get more than a special day,they should get a medal of honor.妈妈们应该得到的不只是一个节日,她们该获得荣誉勋章。

14.Mother's Day is a time when mothers discover how well their children can prepare ebreakfast.母亲节是妈妈们发现她们的小孩会把早餐做得很好的时刻。

15.I've tried many times to tell you,but I'll say it again:I love you mother.我已经告诉您许多次了,但是我将再说一次:我爱您,妈妈。

16.Though it is hard to tell you sometimes,I do love you dearly,mom.虽然有时要告诉您并不太容易,但是我真的非常爱您,妈妈。

17.在这个特殊的节日里我衷心祝福我的妈妈节日快乐!道一声你辛苦了!In this special day I wish my mother happy holidays!Say you were laborious!

18.妈妈,如今我也做了母亲,您的辛苦,您的爱,我也体会更深。祝您母亲节快乐!Mom,now that I have done the mothers,your hard work,love you,I also understanddeeper.I wish you a happy mother's day!

19.不会随光阴流逝的,是您的爱;不会随岁月淡漠的,是我的愿:愿母亲节日康乐!Won't be as time goes by,will you love;Not over years of indifference,is my wish:letmother recreation holiday!

20.Considering the quality of food that children make their mothers on Mother's Day,itbecomes apparent that without moms,their kids would starve to death.想想母亲节时,孩子们为妈妈所做的早餐:很明显的,如果没有妈妈,孩子们将会饿死。

21.We would love to fix breakfast for you mom,but we think it would be safer for us allif we took you out.妈妈,我们很乐意为您准备早餐,不过我们想,如果带您上馆子,会比较保险一点。

22.This card is to let you know that you have done a super job raising us children.这张卡片是想告诉您,在教养子女方面,您做得棒极了。

23.When I was sick,you always stood by me.当我生病时,您总是陪伴着我。

24.This is the day that we appreciate all the things that moms do for us.Thank you在这个日子里,我们感谢妈妈为我们所做的一切。谢谢您。

25.Roses are red,violets are blue.This card on Mother's Day is especially for you.玫瑰是红色的,紫罗兰是蓝色的。这张母亲卡是特别给您的。

26.We may not be angels all of the time,but we do appreciate what you do.我们也许不是一直都像天使那样乖巧,但我们确实感谢您的教诲。

27.Thanks for being there,mom.Happy Mother's Day.谢谢您不断地扶持我。祝您母亲节快乐。

28.This card comes from the whole family.Happy Mother's Day.这张卡片是我们全家合送的。祝您母亲节快乐。

29.Today is your day to relax and let us take care of you.Happy Mother's Day.今天是您休息的日子,让我们来照顾您。母亲节快乐。

30.We will try to make this your best Mother's Day ever.我们将努力使今天成为您过得最偷快的母亲节。